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For the 2014 season    Expedition & 6 Plus Saltwater Leaders


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A chance online meeting with Jim Hauer of Bluesky Flyfishers™ U.S.A. reintroduced me to Furled leaders. Company founder Jim began researching fly leaders over 25 yrs. ago & he soon found that many of the leaders in current use were found to be wanting. So he set out to develop a leader that would work in all conditions the fly fisher would  likely come across in a season. After much research & testing his Furled Tapered Leaders were born. Jim then teamed up with John Cantwell as  his business partner to promote BlueSky Fly fishers.

      John who had always thought as many others have that monofilament leaders were "The Weak Link" of fly fishing gear. Since using these leaders his casting & fly fishing have improved in leaps & bounds. John  is responsible for marketing & in conjunction with Jim for new product developments.

What are Furled Leaders ?

bulletThey are hand-woven leaders & represent a vast improvement over nylon & braided types. For top water & sub surface fly fishing they are without equal.
bulletConstruction.....Take over 90ft of premium nylon twist & counter twist to form what is not unlike a thin rope & you will be getting near the answer.
bulletForm length & taper to suit  fly line size. Incorporate  loop to loop connections. Add a tippet to suit & we are nearly there
bulletFinally add 250 years of history & maybe just maybe we might have the answer. Newton & Walton they knew the answers, nylon has now replaced the twisted horse hair & silk of their time but the principal remains the same.

The Furled Leader 

Illustrated below is a Light version. The twisted construction is clearly shown along with the neat loop connections.

 Lengths are 5ft 8"but by the simple addition of a suitable tippet leaders of up to 14ft can be used with little or no loss of turnover or presentation.

Sizes available

  1. Ultralight:0-3wt line
  2. Light:3-5wt
  3. Medium:6-8wt
  4. Heavy:7wt & above, big heavy lures & nymphs


Cost...£6.75 ea (all sizes) + £1.90p P& P


New addition to range                   The Expedition

Our newest leader for the most demanding needs of fresh and saltwater anglers. For heavy gear and big fish. Exceptional turnover, presentation, durability and shock absorbency.

Woven with  nylon extender/tippet attached.

9 ft.6". (3 m) including  nylon extender/tippet 7-13wt lines


This is the leader for those big Kola Salmon & Trout  Cost: £8.20ea + £1.90 P&P

UK stocks limited, If I am out please allow  10 days to get from the U.S.A.

The Stillwater Special

Specially designed for distance & presentation. These furled leaders are 8ft 4ins. long premium mono with loop to loop connections. Longer tippets up to 20ft. can be used with this leader without any loss of turnover/presentation

Available in       Light: 3-5wt lines

                       Medium:6- 8wt 

Cost...£7.49. ea (all sizes) + £1.90 P&P 

The Spey

Especially designed for the Salmon fly fisher. This furled leader is ideal for the Salmon fisher that requires good presentation & turnover. Whatever cast you use Spey, Overhead or  Switch cast  then this is the leader for you. For lines of 7wt & over, are 9ft 10ins long, loop at one end & a section of heavy duty mono at other to enable tippet to be added easily. A nice light  colour these superior furled leaders will be a boon to the Salmon angler.

Cost....£7.99ea + £1.90 P& P 


 The Whys.......Improved presentation. These leaders will turn over small dries to the heaviest lures & nymphs. With a suitable sized tippet added  the dries will alight as if thistle down & the heavier flies will turn over like no nylon or braid will ever do. Trout hate sloppy casting & presentation & to this end furled leaders bring with them increasingly improved accuracy. Ever notice how braids tend to crash & "splat" on the surface?. That is caused in part by their tendency to hold & retain water due to the hollow core nature of their construction. Not so with the solid constructed furled this does not happen They are supple so help reduce surface drag acting as a shock absorber hence protecting light tippets. Last but not least they are  durable & robust , unlike standard mono leaders which can last from a few minutes to a few hours furled can last from one season to another. Treated with a good paste floatant such as Mucilin™, they sit up well on the surface giving excellent bite indication & tracking of the fly. Slightly more expensive than conventional mono or braided leaders but any initial expense is soon recouped.

Disadvantages...Like any leader design there are compromises. If snagged & jerked they can snarl if pulled violently to release. Due to its construction it acts like a spring & springs as you know store energy so the stored energy upon release can snarl & tangle a bit. Gently undoing the leader will do little or no harm & can be stretched along its length to straighten it's self out. 

Titanium Bite: For years fly fishers have been trying to win the battle with toothy fish. In the UK Pike have presented special challenges. They can destroy a mono leader in seconds. Stainless leaders whether single or multi- strand twist kink & need to be replaced at regular intervals. Not so with these. BlueSky has combined the casting turnover of Furled Leader with Titanium to create Premium BlueSky-Ti® Leader. Using medical grade wire these leaders are designed to take all the punishment  toothy fish can deliver yet still retain the strength. Ideal for the warm water travelling angler who encounters Barracuda & other toothy saltwater fish

Six Plus Saltwater:Six-Plus means the leaders are designed for 6 Wt. and heavier fly rods. The leaders feature a 36" (.9 m) Fluorocarbon tippet, which is highly abrasion resistant and nearly invisible. Total leader length is 9 ft. (2.7 m). 


Six Plus Saltwater Titanium Bite Tippet Leaders

The new BlueSky Six-Plus Furled Leader for Saltwater with 36" of 12lb Fluorocarbon tippet
Other tippet sizes to order only

10,15 & 20lb 

Cost....£6.99 + £1.90 P&P

bulletOverall length 6ft 6ins with  10ins. of kink resistant medical grade titanium
bulletsuperior casting
bullethigh durability & toughness
bulletmaximum corrosion resistance & strength
bulletoverstrike protection, high stretch & recovery
bulletblack oxide bite guard reduces underwater visibility
bulletcuts through weeds
bulletready to use, for 7wt lines & above
bulletbreaking strain 20lb

Cost....£7.99ea + £1.90 P& P

Please note these two leaders are  "special order" from the U.S.A.  & will take about 10 days to supply.


  To order:-

Please allow up to 7 days for delivery. Pay Pal, preferable if you so wish  just click on the link below. 

I do not charge any extra for using this service.

 Note:   Postage is £1.90 for any amount/combination of leaders.

Contact  Alan   for any info regarding these products

Quoted prices apply to UK customers only.

For mainland Europe customers please contact the above for details.

For USA & rest of world  contact



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