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The river was cut by the world's great flood and runs over rocks from the basement of time. On some of those rocks are timeless raindrops. Under the rocks are the words, and some of the words are theirs. I am haunted by waters........... Norman MacLean





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Clyde Style Patterns




Just a few general patterns to give you a basic idea of what these flies are all about.

If you need any help or indeed if you would like to see a few, feel free to contact me by E Mail.

Springtime Wet Flies (winged)

Guinea Tip

Dark Olive





Starling Tip

Blae & Harelug



Summertime Wet Flies (Winged)

Woodcock & Yellow

Teal & Yellow





Medium Olive

Woodcock & Orange



Hen Blackie

My favourite stream wet for Brown Trout


Probably the best wet imitation for the dark &medium olive of Spring that I have found. On a par with the better known Greenwell's Glory.

 One of the all time Clyde greats, and  would take fish on any water on which it alights.

Fished as a team of three, but "always on the point


Dress as follows. Hook size 16-12 std. wet fly. Thread is well waxed yellow. Wind on a nice neat body of yellow thread. Tie in a couple of turns of flat gold tinsel at rear, followed by a nice neat run of thread to just short of the eye. Wing is Blackbird tied slightly sloping backwards. Hackle which is in front of the wing is a nice dark natural black hen.2-3 turns will do nicely. Finish off with a touch of clear varnish.


The Bluebottle Spider, a favourite for stream & loch fish in high summer. Was not envisaged a a Clyde Style fly in concept but is used with great success on the river. The original is called Murray's Bluebottle & hails from the vice of Mr David Murray of Hurlford, Ayrshire, Scotland. From around the early 1950s & rapidly became a great favourite for river & loch fishing, Was & still is marketed by the famous Glasgow fishing tackle firm of Cafaro Bros  it was indeed there that I first saw, bought & used this wee gem of a fly in the 60s when they were based in Cowcaddens before moving to their new premises soon after. A simple tie.

Dressing below:

 Hook: 14-12 Thread: black 12/0  Body: green or blue Lurex flat tinsel hackle: natural black hen   Tail: (optional) a few black fibres. If tied as a dry fly a nice black cock hackle is desirable

Scots Fly Tying & Fishing Terms

The "Flee"- as in fishing the flee (fly)                      Blackie- the Blackbird               

Stuckie- the ubiquitous Starling                                Lug- old Scots word for Ear   (Woodcock& Hare's Lug)

Stank- an enclosed water, usually in low lying marshy ground, with no inlet or outlet stream.

Stank Hen- A waterfowl, Moorhen or Water Hen to me but some think it is a Coot.

Blae- Blueish Grey. lead coloured



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